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OSC19a RF & Microwave Power Transistors, RF Power Modules and Circulators/Isolators
OApplication notes
Download PDF AN98013: BLV859 UHF linear push-pull power transitor
Download PDF AN98014: A broadband 150 W amplifier for Band IV & V TV Transmitters based on the BLV862
Download PDF AN98015: A broadband 3 W amplifier for band IV/V TV Transposers based on the BLW898
Download PDF AN98016: A linear 20 W broadband amplifier for band IV/V TV Transposers based on the BLV857
Download PDF AN98017: Mounting considerations for SOT409 (ceramic SO-8) devices
Download PDF AN98018: 4 W Linear Class-AB amplifier with the BLV2042 for 1930-1990 MHz
Download PDF AN98019: 5 W Class-AB Amplifier with the BLV904 for 935-960 MHz
Download PDF AN98020: 9 W Linear Class-AB Amplifier with the BLV909 for 935-960 MHz
Download PDF AN98021: 100-450 MHz 250 W Power Amplifier with the BLF548 MOSFET
Download PDF AN98022: 15 W class-AB amplifier with the BLV2044 for 1930 - 1990 MHz (PCS)
Download PDF AN98024: 50 W base station power amplifier for DCS1800 and PCS1900
Download PDF AN98026: Two-tone linearity in a 900 MHz Silicon Bipolar Class AB Amplifier
Download PDF AN98028: A linear Broadband 12 W amplifier for Band IV/V TV transposers based on the BLV58
Download PDF AN98029: Broadband impedance matching for S-Band Transistors
Download PDF AN98030: Two-stage wideband HF linear amplifier for 400 W PEP using BLW96 and BLW50F
Download PDF AN98031: Wideband 300 W push-pull FM amplifier using BLV25 transistors
Download PDF AN98032: Combining units for a 1 kW wideband HF amplifier
Download PDF AN98033: A Broadband 100 W push-pull Amplifier for Band IV & V TV Transmitters based on the BLV861
Download PDF COE82101: Considerations on efficiency of the RF power transistors in the different classes of operation
Download PDF ECO7703: Power transformers for the frequency range of 30-80 MHz
Download PDF ECO6907: Design of HF wideband power transformers
Download PDF ECO7213: Design of HF wideband power transformers; part II
Download PDF ECO7806: Wide-band linear power amplifiers (470-860 MHz) with the transistors BLW32 and BLW33
Download PDF ECO7901: A wide-band linear power amplifier (470-860 MHz) with two transistors BLW34
Download PDF ECO7904: A wide-band class-A linear power amplifier (174 -230 MHz) with two transistors BLV33
Download PDF ECO8005: A wide-band class-A linear power amplifier (174 -230 MHz) with 2 transistors BLV33F
Download PDF NCO8101: A wideband hybrid coupled amplifier (470-860 MHz) with 2 balanced transistors BLV57
Download PDF NCO8201: Construction of the 470-860 MHz BLV57 wideband amplifier
Download PDF NCO8205: A wide-band class-AB hybrid coupled amplifier (470-860 MHz) with two balanced transistors BLV57
Download PDF NCO8207: Wideband class-A power amplifier for TV transposers in band I (50 - 80 MHz) with two transistors BLV33
Download PDF NCO8602: A wideband power amplifier (25-110 MHz) with the MOS transistor BLF245 315
Download PDF NCO8701: A wideband 30 W push-pull amplifier with two MOS transistors BLF244 (VDS = 28 V); range 25-110MHz
Download PDF NCO8702: Performance of 30 W push-pull amplifier for freq. range 25 - 110 MHz with 2 MOS transistors BLF244
Download PDF NCO8703: A wideband linear power amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 300 W PEP with 2 MOS transistors BLF177
Download PDF NCO8704: Linear performance of BLF244 in S.S.B. class-A operation
Download PDF NCO8705: A linear amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 8 W PEP in class-A with the BLF175
Download PDF NCO8801: The BLF246 as an H.F. - S.S.B. amplifier
Download PDF TECHP141: Thermal aspects of flange-mounted RF power transistors
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