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BF199; NPN medium frequency transistor
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DescriptionGo to the top of this page

NPN medium frequency transistor in a TO-92; SOT54 plastic package.

FeaturesGo to the top of this page

  • Low current (max. 25 mA)
  • Low voltage (max. 25 V).

ApplicationsGo to the top of this page

  • Output stage of a vision IF amplifier.

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BF199  NPN medium frequency transistor  07-Jul-97  Product Specification  8   54  Download PDF Open 

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Partnumber Order code (12nc) marking/packing package device status buy online
BF199  9330 634 20112  Standard marking * bulk pack  SOT54  RFS  order this product online-
  9330 634 20116  Standard marking * reel pack, radial  SOT54  RFS  -
  9330 634 20126  Standard marking * ammopack, radial  SOT54  RFS  -
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Spice model of BF199

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