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1BAP51-03 - 1.8 GHz Transmit-Recieve PIN Diode

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PDF documentDescriptionRefer to catalog
1  Download PDF 1890MHZ1890MHz low power down converter with 110MHz IF SC14 
2  Download PDF 1P9GHZ3Power Amplifier for 1.9 GHz at 3 V SC14 
3  Download PDF 1P9GHZLCLow noise, Low current Preamplifier for 1,9 GHz at 3V SC14 
4  Download PDF 1U5GHZLN1,5 GHz Low Noise Amplifier with the BFG425W SC14 
5  Download PDF 2GHZUDR2 GHz Driver-Amplifier with the BFG425W SC14 
6  Download PDF 2KMZ41Output characteristic of UZZ9000-KMZ41-system for different magnetic setups and all possible connections between KMZ41 and UZZ9000 SC17 
7  Download PDF 400MHZUL400MHz Low Noise Amplifier with the BFG540W/X SC14 
8  Download PDF 9001800MHZDemoboard for the BGA2001 (900 and 1800 MHz) SC14 
9  Download PDF 900MHAP2900MHz Driver-Amplifier with Enable-Swich using the BFG425W SC14 
10 Download PDF 900MHZLow noise 900MHz preamplifier at 3 V SC14 
11 Download PDF 900MHZ6GSM power amplifier for 900MHz at 6V SC14 
12 Download PDF 900MHZDR900MHz Driver-Amplifier with the BFG425W SC14 
13 Download PDF 933MHZ933MHz low power down converter with 60MHz IF SC14 
14 Download PDF AN98013BLV859 UHF linear push-pull power transitor SC19a 
15 Download PDF AN98014A broadband 150 W amplifier for Band IV &V TV Transmitters based on the BLV862 SC19a 
16 Download PDF AN98015A broadband 3 W amplifier for band IV/V TV Transposers based on the BLW898 SC19a 
17 Download PDF AN98016A linear 20 W broadband amplifier for band IV/V TV Transposers based on the BLV857 SC19a 
18 Download PDF AN98017Mounting considerations for SOT409 (ceramic SO-8) devices SC19a 
19 Download PDF AN980184 W Linear Class-AB amplifier with the BLV2042 for 1930-1990 MHz SC19a 
20 Download PDF AN980195 W Class-AB Amplifier with the BLV904 for 935-960 MHz SC19a 
21 Download PDF AN980209 W Linear Class-AB Amplifier with the BLV909 for 935-960 MHz SC19a 
22 Download PDF AN98021100-450 MHz 250 W Power Amplifier with the BLF548 MOSFET SC19a 
23 Download PDF AN9802215 W class-AB amplifier with the BLV2044 for 1930 - 1990 MHz (PCS) SC19a 
24 Download PDF AN9802450 W base station power amplifier for DCS1800 and PCS1900 SC19a 
25 Download PDF AN98026Two-tone linearity in a 900 MHz Silicon Bipolar Class AB Amplifier SC19a 
26 Download PDF AN98028A linear Broadband 12 W amplifier for Band IV/V TV transposers based on the BLV58 SC19a 
27 Download PDF AN98029Broadband impedance matching for S-Band Transistors SC19a 
28 Download PDF AN98030Two-stage wideband HF linear amplifier for 400 W PEP using BLW96 and BLW50F SC19a 
29 Download PDF AN98031Wideband 300 W push-pull FM amplifier using BLV25 transistors SC19a 
30 Download PDF AN98032Combining units for a 1 kW wideband HF amplifier SC19a 
31 Download PDF AN98033A Broadband 100 W push-pull Amplifier for Band IV &V TV Transmitters based on the BLV861 SC19a 
32 Download PDF AI_BFG480W_2400M_12.4 GHz low noise amplifier with the BFG480W SC14 
33 Download PDF AI_BFG480W_2450M_12.45 GHz power amplifier with the BFG480W SC14 
34 Download PDF AI_BFG480W_2G_12 GHz low noise amplifier with the BFG480W SC14 
35 Download PDF AI_BFG480W_900M_1900 MHz low noise amplifier with the BFG480W SC14 
36 Download PDF AI_DEMOBOARD_BGA2031High linearity wideband driver for mobile communication systems SC14 
37 Download PDF AN252Live Insertion Aspects of Philips Logic Families  
38 Download PDF AN98060Using a Philips Optical Receiver in CATV Applications SC16 
39 Download PDF AUSMITAngle Sensor Excentricity SC17 
40 Download PDF b375buf_4102GHz BUFFER-AMPLIFIER WITH THE BFG410W SC14 
41 Download PDF b770Lna9m410900MHz LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER WITH THE BFG410W SC14 
42 Download PDF b773Lna2g4252GHz LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER WITH THE BFG425W SC14 
43 Download PDF BFG21W_1880drv1880 MHz PA Driver with BFG21W SC14 
44 Download PDF BFG21W_800drv2800MHz PA Driver with BFG21W SC14 
45 Download PDF BFG480W_1880drv1880 MHz PA Driver with BFG480W SC14 
46 Download PDF BFG480W_900Mdrv900 MHz Driver with the BFG480W SC14 
47 Download PDF BGA2003_2G_HighIIP3LNADemoboard For BGA2003 SC14 
48 Download PDF BGA2031_CDMA_pcsDemoboard For BGA2031 'PCS1900 CDMA' SC14 
49 Download PDF COE82101Considerations on efficiency of the RF power transistors in the different classes of operation SC19a 
50 Download PDF DECTPower Amplifier for 1,9 GHz Dect and PHS SC14 
51 Download PDF ECO6907Design of HF wideband power transformers SC19a 
52 Download PDF ECO7213Design of HF wideband power transformers; part II SC19a 
53 Download PDF ECO7703Power transformers for the frequency range of 30-80 MHz SC19a 
54 Download PDF ECO7806Wide-band linear power amplifiers (470-860 MHz) with the transistors BLW32 and BLW33 SC19a 
55 Download PDF ECO7901A wide-band linear power amplifier (470-860 MHz) with two transistors BLW34 SC19a 
56 Download PDF ECO7904A wide-band class-A linear power amplifier (174 -230 MHz) with two transistors BLV33 SC19a 
57 Download PDF ECO8005A wide-band class-A linear power amplifier (174 -230 MHz) with 2 transistors BLV33F SC19a 
58 Download PDF GENERALGeneral SC14 
59 Download PDF IMUIP3Improved IP3 behaviour of the 900MHz Low Noise Amplifier with the NFG425W SC14 
60 Download PDF KV96157AUltra low Noise amplifiers for 900 and 2000MHz with high IP3 SC14 
61 Download PDF LNADemoboard for the BGA2001 SC14 
62 Download PDF LNA900MHZDemoboard 900 MHz LNA with the BGA2003 SC14 
63 Download PDF lna9m403900MHz LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER WITH THE BFG403W SC14 
64 Download PDF NCO8101A wideband hybrid coupled amplifier (470-860 MHz) with 2 balanced transistors BLV57 SC19a 
65 Download PDF NCO8201Construction of the 470-860 MHz BLV57 wideband amplifier SC19a 
66 Download PDF NCO8205A wide-band class-AB hybrid coupled amplifier (470-860 MHz) with two balanced transistors BLV57 SC19a 
67 Download PDF NCO8207Wideband class-A power amplifier for TV transposers in band I (50 - 80 MHz) with two transistors BLV33 SC19a 
68 Download PDF NCO8602A wideband power amplifier (25-110 MHz) with the MOS transistor BLF245 315 SC19a 
69 Download PDF NCO8701A wideband 30 W push-pull amplifier with two MOS transistors BLF244 (VDS = 28 V); range 25-110MHz SC19a 
70 Download PDF NCO8702Performance of 30 W push-pull amplifier for freq. range 25 - 110 MHz with 2 MOS transistors BLF244 SC19a 
71 Download PDF NCO8703A wideband linear power amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 300 W PEP with 2 MOS transistors BLF177 SC19a 
72 Download PDF NCO8704Linear performance of BLF244 in S.S.B. class-A operation SC19a 
73 Download PDF NCO8705A linear amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 8 W PEP in class-A with the BLF175 SC19a 
74 Download PDF NCO8801The BLF246 as an H.F. - S.S.B. amplifier SC19a 
75 Download PDF PAGERPreamplifier for pager applications SC14 
77 Download PDF TECHP141Thermal aspects of flange-mounted RF power transistors SC19a 
78 Download PDF TRM_MODEHow to use and enter the “Offset Trim Mode” of the Sensor Conditioning Electronics UZZ9000 23/Apr/97 SC17 
79 Download PDF USB-IR_DONGLEImplementing a USB-to-Infrared (Philips RCMM) Dongle  
80 Download PDF UZZ9000EIntegrated Angle Sensor Based on the Magnetoresistive Effect SC17 
82 Download PDF WBCDMADemoboard W-CDMA for the BGA2003 SC14 
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