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-1999-11-01: New customized diode range greatly simplifies TV and monitor tube design
-1999-06-01: Philips Semiconductors slashes dissipation in power MOSFETs
-1999-04-01: Philips Semiconductors' new ultra-low VCE(sat) transistors conserve battery power in mobile equipment

Silicon MMICs: Smart RF solutions for wireless products more

Philips Semiconductors' BGA20XX family of MMIC amplifiers and mixers provides unrivalled RF gain for silicon devices. Operating up to and beyond 2.4 GHz, the MMICs feature several optimized passive components on-chip to automatically compensate for temperature and process variations. Consequently, they can reduce the size and design time for many wireless products.

SiliconMAX™: unsurpassed performance for SMPS and DC/DC converter applications more

SiliconMAX Philips Semiconductors' new SiliconMAX™ power MOSFET range - a next generation development of the company's advanced TrenchMOS technology - brings the benefits of ultra-low RDS(on) and high-speed switching to applications requiring transistors with voltage ratings up to 200V.

Welcome to the house of discretes

Visit Philips Semiconductors' House of Discretes and we'll change your perspective on discrete semiconductors. By looking at your needs from all angles, today we have built one of the broadest product portfolios, a complete offer under one roof:

Take a close look - we're a very different discretes supplier. Want to know why?

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