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Silicon MMICs
Smart RF solutions for wireless products

Philips Semiconductors' BGA20XX family of MMIC amplifiers and mixers provides unrivalled RF gain for silicon devices. Operating up to and beyond 2.4 GHz, the MMICs feature several optimized passive components on-chip to automatically compensate for temperature and process variations. Consequently, they can reduce the size and design time for many wireless products.

Design features

  • Reduced RF component count with greater functionality
  • Easy circuit design for rapid product development and fast times-to-market
  • Reduced board size (up to 75% of discrete transistor solution) to enable smaller and lighter mobile products
  • Lower bill of materials, and lower assembly and logistics costs

Performance features

  • Very high gain
  • Low noise figure
  • Low current consumption for extended talk-times and battery life
  • High reverse isolation (mixer)
  • High efficiency

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