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SiliconMAX™: unsurpassed performance for SMPS and DC/DC converter applications

Philips Semiconductors' new SiliconMAX™ power MOSFET range - a next generation development of the company's advanced TrenchMOS technology - brings the benefits of ultra-low RDS(on) and high-speed switching to applications requiring transistors with voltage ratings up to 200V.

Key benefits

  • Lower RDS(on) for the same size transistor package
  • Smaller package size for the same RDS(on) value and/or reduced component count
  • High-speed, low-loss switching performance
  • Replacement of through-hole mounting power packages with surface-mount devices
  • Reduced heatsinking requirement
  • Lower system cost and higher performance


  • Voltage ratings of 25V, 55V, 100V, 150V and 200V
  • Comprehensive range of D2-PAK, D-PAK, TO220AB and TO247 package options
  • RDS(on) values as low as 15 mW
  • Very low gate-charge

Information resources (Internet access required) Selection guide / Datasheets Press release Backgrounder Download PDF Technical paper Download PDF Presentation slides Download PDF Leaflet Package comparison Spice models Download PDF Power in SMPS EcoVision About PCIM

Fulfilling Philips' EcoVision for a less power-hungry world

Not for Automotive Applications - see Automotive range (BUK types)

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